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Welcome to your place for activating more happiness in life!

My Happy Path is an online yoga studio offering a trifecta of wellness tools connecting you to more happiness and vibrant health in life. Each week you will receive a combination of two uniquely themed yoga classes, a guided meditation and corresponding positive affirmation that are interwoven together to focus on specific empowerment subjects.

Examples of empowerment subjects include:

reducing fear
enriching the relationship with inner self
letting go of anger
connecting with forgiveness
nurturing the heart

The yoga videos and guided meditations are available in streaming form, ready for you anytime, anywhere. The affirmations are offered in pictoral form, perfect as a screan saver or printed out and posted to the mirror. Studio members receive the trifecta of empowerment tools every week to their email, while at the same time having access to the library of past HD videos.

The weekly package of classes, meditations, and affirmations are available for a monthly membership of $11. A yearly membership is $89.95.

Yoga Classes

Our Vinyasa Flow yoga classes feature a 45 minute video and a 25 minute video delivered to you each week that help facilitate more health, vibrancy and joy into your life.

Guided Meditations

Our guided meditations are ten to twenty minutes in length and create space for deepening your connection with your highest potential in all aspects of life.


Our affirmations are presented in an easy-to-use picture form, making it easy to connect with positive empowerment anytime, anywhere.

Why an Online Yoga Studio?

Yoga is a way that each of us can take responsibility for creating our healthiest, happiest self. It offers an opportunity to heal from the inside out by connecting with the breath. When done on a daily basis, yoga truly can create a connection to our highest potential that isn't easily accessed elsewhere.

My name is Shanie Matthews. I am a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher, Happiness Advocate and Positivity Warrior. I started practicing yoga in the mid 90s and committed to a daily practice in 2007 when concern for a family member was taking over my life. Little did I know that yoga would be my source of light, love and creation of my best self in the face of major life challenges like life-debilitating injury and divorce. I am living proof that a daily yoga practice offers a beautiful personal journey in connecting with and creating our happiest, healthiest self...

I offer My Happy Path Online Yoga Studio as a form of support as you create your own highest potential...In love and light to you!

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